Describe your style: Minimal edge meets California laid-back… with a touch of bright and obnoxious at times. (Totally doesn't make sense, I know)  

Favorite Store: This is tough. I find GREAT stuff at Forever 21, Zara, H&M, Mango Online, ASOS and Revolve (if I have $$.) I love a good sale rack especially at Shein Online, Lulu's and Tobi. Also find great stuff at thrift store and second hand like Buffalo Exchange.

Go-To Song: Electric Love- Borns or anything Queen

Perfect Weekend: Vintage convertible car, going somewhere preferable near a beach. Picnic, music, a pineapple cider...yes. Wind blown hair, causal but trendy outfit, little makeup and a great pair of shades. ( prescription though because I'm blind.)  

When it comes to fashion, what's the most important: AFFORDABLE. I ball on a budget. Also a college kid, so price point is really important. Than it would be fair, sustainable, 'decent' quality and just something amazing. I'm not buying it if it doesn't scream to me off the shelf. I also look for stuff that people don’t have.

The Daily Outfit: A vintage, band oversized t-shirt and great jeans, topped off with sneakers. Fabulous sneakers but sneakers nonetheless. Levi shorts if it's hot out. You can find me in this most days TBH. Add some gold jewelry and a great pair of sunnies and you're set. 

Dream Car: Green Ford Bronco. Convertible. (now everyone knows the key to my heart, a convertible vintage car and let's go on a date.) 

What we don't know: I'm from North Carolina. Grew up in the South but I never felt like I fit in so I picked up and moved out west to Arizona. I'm in school out here for now.

What are we eating: Pizza. All-Day-Every-Day. Pizza and a cider. Screw some flowers from a boy... get a Whole Foods Pizza, it's life altering. Ace Pineapple Cider is also incredible if you haven't gotten that memo from my Instagram yet. 


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