BALI: Nusa Penida

Going to be so honest about our time on Nusa Penida Island…

This was our worst day. We are able to look back and laugh about it after but we seriously thought we were going to have to call the air force to lift our bodies off this island and take us back to our hostel in Ubud. I am 100% not kidding. (if you need more proof, we have videos.)

Nusa Penida is one of those picture-perfect places that looks like something you see on Instagram to save and go to which is exactly what we did. We had 0 expectations going into it but the entire day seemed to just be….hilarious. The ferry was freaking tiny, flying over the waves with a hundred different types of people on board. Once we arrived, we realized to get anywhere you need a taxi. (The taxi mafia in Bali is a huge issue. This was something that affected us often… can read more about it.)

Our taxi drove us about an hour to this “spot,” this walk we thought, down to the white beaches. The beach is called Kelingking Beach if you’re interested in visiting. There were no signs, no warnings, no one standing with authority of this tourist destination, it was simply a free for all so we decided to start the walk to the bottom.

NOTED: There is a view point from that top that is the famous “Nusa Penida” photo with the white beaches and the turquoise ocean before heading down the stairs. That is where most people stood, snapped the photo and left. We were not aware…..

It was just simply not a walk. At all. This was a downwards, vertical hike that took us over an hour. The only railings are made from bamboo so you have absolutely no support. We are all from Arizona, hiking is normal but this was hands down the hardest, scariest, most rigorous hike we had ever done. The trail is tiny so dodging people on the side of the cliff became no joke. We were trying to document this hike for proof that this was not a walk but we were holding on for dear life, rock climbing down the side of a mountain in Nusa Penida. Once we got to the bottom, there were tears and a lot of laughs as we were all dressed cute…. IN SANDALS for our "“so called beach day walk” & we only had about 20 minutes to enjoy before going BACK up to the top. The hike up was horrendous. I was barefoot and afraid.

However, it was stunning. </3


Bring water and sunscreen. Go in the morning before the crowds arrive…which will also leave you more time to spend on the beach.