Thoughts on Fascial Stretch Therapy

Let’s talk Fascial Stretch Therapy.

First question I had was what even is it….. Your fascial is a web connective tissue that surrounds all muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. So Fascial Stretch Therapy is where the soft tissue in your body, is targeted and stretched to help lubricate joints by releasing tension, increasing blood flow and relaxing the nervous system…sounds serious with words I don’t understand, I know.

I was SUPER skeptical to try it at first & to be honest, I’m not a huge massage, muscle stretching-kind-of-girl. However, my friend, Alex started his own Fascial Stretch Therapy practice (my AZ friends, I highly highly recommend especially if you sit at a laptop for the majority of your day.) He played football for Arizona State & seriously knows so much about muscles/bones/how your spine actually should be versus where mine was which was horrendous.

2 words:

Life. Changing. 

Could actually take on the world. I literally left feeling like the happiest, most-stress free, relaxed noodle there ever was. We targeted every single area like hips, lower back, shoulders, neck (this was a kicker) etc… Had zero idea that my laptop sitting butt was screwing up my entire spine/neck/back.

It was 100%, completely pain-free. I also got this stretch done probably three weeks ago. I waited to post for the reason of wanting to see if I noticed a difference a month later (as I was told I would) and I one thousand percent do. {Disclaimer that I am not the one to post about ANYTHING that I don’t fully support or believe in. It has been a full month since I had the fascial stretch therapy and I still feel incredible…… totally craving another stretch very soon. Have never felt more flexible, loose and tbh, stress free from the hour of laying there in a full, comfortable stretch in my entire life.}


Instagram: astretchahead (follow, who knows he might offer you a discounted stretch:)

SERIOUSLY recommend.


Before and After (1 session only)