It's summer and you may have some extra time on your hands (or you're like me and are broke so every night after work, you're in bed with a book or podcast trying so hard to keep your wallet closed and resisting the temptation to walk to taco bell. sorry it's just too accurate not to share,) BUT I am here to share my favorite books and podcasts that I have been LOVING recently. 

I am a book girl, I'm all about a good summer read & really try and read as many as possible in the summer for when school starts again, that is actually impossible. I'm going to break down my FAVORITES when it comes to books & podcasts--if you have some books and live in Arizona and want to trade, LMK, I despise buying books so let's just share and trade, please:) 


Alright, some of these are old but if you haven't read them yet, this is where you need to start.

  • Gone Girl ** 

  • Girl on the Train **

  • You are a Badass

  • I Am That Girl

  • The Year of Yes **

  • Sharp Objects

  • Dark Places

  • Crazy Rich Asians

  • The Matchmaker (light beach read) 

  •  Babyland (light beach read) 

  •  The Glass Kitchen

  • Eleanor and Park (SO good) 

  •  Milk and Honey

  •  The Wife Between Us(Currently reading, i cant put it down, its Amazing) 

This a mix of thriller, comedy & romance novels- all of it- but they are the books I currently still have on my bedside table because I loved loved loved them. If you are ever wondering about a specific type of book or the genre, message me! I have read all of these so can direct you to the best :) 

I am going to start reading, When Life gives you Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger, that is next on the list. 


Nothing better than a good podcast... I also spend quite a lot of time in the car so this helps. I will turn one on while I'm walking/running, at the nail salon (yes, I'm that girl with headphones in) on the plane, before bed, sometimes when I'm grocery shopping and not in the mood to talk to anyone.. anytime anywhere baby. Here is the lineup: 

  • The Skinny Confidential (The OG. The best.) 

  • The Balanced Blonde 

  • Pursuit of Purpose 

  • Stuff You Should Know 

  • Fat Mascara 

  • Crime Stores with Nancy Grace 

  • What Really Happened 

  • Conspiracy Theories ** fascinating if you are into conspiracy theories 

  • Tribe of Mentors 

  • The Daily

  • The American Life 

  • I'll do some celebrity podcasts like Ask Stassi and We Heard What, but I am more into the health/beauty/doctors and crime podcasts. I like to learn something new or at least listen to something out of my norm. 


This is brief. I have a new music obsession at the moment.


Favorite Songs: Stay and Burn

Download that good ISH on Apple Music. That's all, you will thank me. I'll go ahead and say you are welcome. 

Enjoy, Talk soon



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