I had the chance to spend the day at Scottsdale Fashion Square, the GREATEST way to spend your morning I may add. I am usually an online shopping kind-of-gal but sometimes (especially when looking for items that are so specific like bathing suits and jeans) it’s better just to go in. I also try and go super early and beat the crowds because I'm not a fan of sardine shopping. 

Scottsdale Fashion Square is the mall of all malls. (This is in Arizona BTW for all you out-of-state gals.) I mean, it’s an Instagram haven filled with plants, white walls, and some of the greatest stores (cough, cough Zara, and their annual sale is happening right now.)

I have partnered with Macerich Malls: Candid Network to take you to some of my favorite aesthetically pleasing spots and the cina-bun that changed my life I hit up along the way (rolls eyes, shocker I know.)

  If you're looking for the star, sweatsuit--scroll to the bottom :) 

this was amazing. wow. 

this was amazing. wow. 

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A lot of you have asked where I found this KILLER two-piece sweatsuit that has stars on it. I mean COME ON it's freaking amazing &&&& Shein (I told Y'all, I love this site.) Here are more options: 

This is one is just AMAZING. I need it. Popcorn Set. 

Star Sweatsuit Above

Another Star Option: different color

Polka Dot Sweatsuit

All of these are SO cheap and I must say, pretty freaking comfortable.