Back in the Queen City!!! Just popping in and visiting the familia for a few days before heading back out to the desert. I love coming home and not just because I get to sleep in my own bed:) BUT I get the see what the little nuggets I call my sisters are up to in their crazy high school drama filled lives. 

Okay skipping the BS, let's get into it. Lily's Closet. Lily, my 10th grade sister, has some KILLER style if I must say. She pulls and find pieces from all over and somehow makes them work while looking freaking (*insert fire emoji) to high school. Proud Older Sister Moment. 

I am a regular shopper in her closet while I am home....let me show you. 


OKAY these shoes, the shirt and the sunglasses are from #Lily'sCloset. Yes, as a 15 year old she is so on top of it it kills me. The best part is, is she is a bargin shopper like me ;) 

  • Shirt: Zara (CHEAP T-Shirt!) 
  • Shoes: Steve Madden (at DSW)
  • Sunglasses: Quay (Sale!) 
  • Jean Shorts (I made from vintage Mom's jeans) & belt/earnings are F21. 


I get SO many questions about these jean shorts--- they are the only jean shorts I ever wear (including their cousin shorts, that look identical.) I made them from Goodwill, "mom" style jeans, Levi's to be exact, and are super high waisted. This make them perfect for cutting into shorts. Make sure you try them on and THEN cut them (making a line on the shorts before you cut) so you don't completely butcher the crotch area leaving you with absolutely no coverage. The fringe edges/bottoms come from multiple things. My favorite trick is to take tweezers and tweeze out the BLUE threads (in most denim, blue runs vertically and white threads run horizontally.) To get the distressed white look, you want only the white threads to be showing. Then, run them through the washer and dryer. (I do these steps MULTIPLE times and have been doing it for years to create the perfect jean shorts.) 

SO Lily...keep doing you. You inspire me <3 You may or may not have items missing from your closet come Monday morning when you go to school.

Just a  golden storm coming to Ya from Charlotte, North Carolina, Talk Soon!