As the school year comes to a end (a very sleep deprived end) and I head home for a break, there is a lot of reflecting to be done. There is something about school being out for the summer and your life going from 100 mph to 0, post your last final. Looking back at junior year, it was a difficult one----putting it nicely. It was filled with high's and some really low lows. It was filled with lessons and chances to grow and it was, at times, a version of myself that is totally not me. That's why were making some moves people. 

As Shondra Rhimes says "this is my year of yes" - If you are unaware of this reference, please I beg you, go purchase the book. 

This is my summer, my year, of YES YES YES. Yes to the crap that scares me. Taking adventures, going in blind, to experiencing things I have never experienced. It's about meeting people, talking to strangers, opening my heart up again and letting people in. Letting people in to the real me and letting go of the fear that people will disappoint. Letting go of the fear of failure and finally taking the next step with the opportunities that scare me the most. Being vulnerable, being open and if all of that above is a complete and utter bust, being FREAKING HAPPY. 

A life of TRUE celebration. 

Don't you fret, I'm documenting it all. 

\\ Buy a vintage car. Find a muse. And a place in the sun. Not necessarily in this order. Let's go freaking do it. \\ Big things are coming my friends, I'm freaking saying YES. Follow along for the trials and tribulations of a rambling wild one saying yes to things (at times) she shouldn't and to shit in life that scares her the most. Xx


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