Hello from Los Angeles! After a weekend of drinking, eating, eating some more, eating Fat Burger at 2 a.m, drinking and getting little sleep, LA has won and I'm back comfortably in my apartment in Arizona. What. A. Weekend. (apologizes for this post being late, it was a wild week.) 

I was out in California visiting my BESTIE who recently moved there and we just freaking sent it. It was amazing. I have never really been to LA so I was beyond stoked to see the sights and do it all. As per usual with a girls weekend, a lot of it was spent catching up in PJs over wine at 1 AM and afternoon convos over battered fries in a hotel bar. 100% normal and always involving food nonetheless. 

I really tried to snap as many photos as possible of my favorite places and sights but this is all I've got. Don't hate me, I was living it up or possibly tipsy on Mimosas. 


as a mermaid at heart, I was a happy girl. I could freaking live at the beach. 

A weekend of snapshots-- if you are ever looking for like a "southern/french" breakfast place, the Hart and the Hunter was AMAZING. One of my favorite spots. Beyond thankful for friends (old and new!) who are down for adventures. Let the summer memories begin <3