If you have yet to venture into the unknown territory that is the Men's Clothing Department of your local Walmart, I must say you are missing out. I am a graphic tee hoarder--- with jeans, with skirts, with shorts, day time, night time, literally anytime, a graphic tee always works. But there is nothing more I hate than over spending on a simple cotton t-shirt. Looking at stores like Revolve and even sometimes Forever 21 (yes, the OG), these t-shirts can cost $20.00+.....for a FREAKING T-SHIRT. 

That is why you got to get out of your comfort zone, take a trip to the Walmart (or Target) and wander into the Men's Department. They have the COOLEST graphic shirts with a wide variety of designs and logo's that will literally cost you $9.00. If you aren't into the high neckline, I have also taken them and cut the sleeve, the collar, the hems completely out of the shirt and re-vamped them for whatever look I was trying to achieve. 

 I have found the minute I wash and dry these shirts, they shrink. Either size up or do not dry them! 

I live for a big t-shirt. Especially this one. Tied in the front to wear with a $12.00 Forever 21 skirt and puma sneakers, being exceptionally obnoxious at the Trader Joe's today.  Happy Shopping!