Hello Friends! 

These were two of my favorite looks from this weekend in Palms Springs. Freaking Killer. 

First off, simply get yourself a vintage tennis tracksuit. I can't seem to recommend this enough and your life will be changed. It is the most comfortable thing you will ever wear and you will be trendy while doing so.... it's a win win situation. 

This one that I wore is from SHOP FOUND, The Found Collection. [you can find them on my instagram] It is AMAZING. I wore it to coffee, to walk, to throw on in the afternoon before getting ready for dinner and felt totally extra and fabulous while doing so. It's a must. This tracksuit trend has been popping up everywhere recently and I mean if Gigi and Kendall are doing it I obviously am going to as well. 

AMAZING. Literally can be worn anywhere. Purchase Now. 

The next look was one that my mother was very happy about. She actually gave me this dress, I'm not sure why... it's BEAUTIFUL and told me to keep it. I felt totally "mother like" in it when I first threw it on. So, I added some Adidas sneakers and some gold jewelry and POOF, styled for a 21 year old. She actually doesn't remember where this dress is from, either Shein or it was affordable. Always pair with sneakers, you can't go wrong <3 



Necklace: T-Madison Shop in Chandler AZ. Shoes are Adidas and Bag is Shein.&nbsp;

Necklace: T-Madison Shop in Chandler AZ. Shoes are Adidas and Bag is Shein.