Palm Springs has always been one of those places I wanted to go visit but had no idea what to expect. I finally got my mother to come visit me in Arizona and decided now is our time.... let's head to PALM SPRINGS for the weekend. It is a brief 4 hour drive from Tempe. It was everything I imagined it to be. The houses, the palm trees, the colors, the BARS....I see the appeal of living here for retirement but I also see the appeal of living here as a 21 year old....:) 

It was a very quick trip but we did and saw a lot. Great food, ever better drinks, shopping, sun...the perfect getaway if you need a little pick me up in the middle of winter. Here are the highlights, must-see places and snapshots from the weekend getaway with MAMMA. 

Stayed: The Seven Springs Inn (Freaking Adorable! I would recommend) 

Visit: The Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, great little spot, hello to your Instagram. Cheeky's for Breakfast (gets super crowded so keep that in mind) Great view of the mountains while you sip on your cup of joe under the palm trees. 


The Palm Springs Art Museum was amaaazzinggg. The Andy Warhold exhibit happened to be there while we were in town which was literally such perfect timing. yes yes yes. 


A MUST: Azucar Hotel and Bar, a freaking Instagram/Photo, colorful DREAM of a location. A beautiful place to go get a drink before dinner or stop in for a late night bite to eat and glass of wine. If you are going to Palm Springs, this is a must. No Questions About It. <3 

This was just a vey brief overview of our little pit stops along the way! If you ever have any questions, want more recommendations or advice, let me know---shoot me an email <3