Hello my friends! I am writing to you feeling totally like Carrie Bradshaw, loving EVERY moment of it, embracing the side blowing snow that is flying through the air. I love it, all of it.

(Also if you're here to shop, my favorite sweatpants are at the bottom so just scroll through all of this.) 

There is something about being in this city. There is the sense of "I can be whoever the heck I want to be and NO ONE will judge, care or even look at me." I have been visiting the big apple from the ripe young age of 5 and I feel SO at home here.... It's amazing. This is the first diary for you, part one I should say. Outfits, Snapshots, Just a bunch of things that inspire me :) 

I love visiting because I always find such great spots every time I visit. Food, coffee, Insta locations, plant stores, shopping etc... ALL OF IT. It totally helps that my sister is living here now as well, obvi a free place to stay is always a plus.

I am listing my favorites below. Friday it torrential down poured, snowed, blew winds from god knows where, so I found myself seeing Red Sparrow which side note, WAS INCREDIBLE. 



SNOW SNOW SNOW! If you're in New York City, great breakfast places: Penelopes and Bluestone Lane Coffee are two of my favorites. Small, cute and local. 

Rainy Day Attire, not pictures the gloves, hat and big bomber jacket :) I have been loving the fact that sweatshirts are not totally acceptable to wear as a shirt. Like the oversized sweatshirts, sweatpants and sneakers is actually on trend so I plan to follow it completely. This look was perfect with a turtleneck underneath, a sweatshirt, blazer, jeans and white little booties. 

This look was everythinggggg. Thank you bexx for the greatest coat out there. I felt like a sassy, trendy and fun steve jobs. I linked where everything was in this outfit on my insta if you're interested! <3 

Next post coming soon, stay tuned!