I ate too many chocolate eggs and jelly beans that I actually don't even like and ate my way through Easter weekend. It's fine, I'm Fine. It was the first time being away from my family, the first Easter I was ever not at home which was definitely hard. I think it's so easy to put this front on that everything is freaking perfect with a cherry on top but being real, I'm 21 years old, living in the desert and missed my freaking family on Easter.

It's actually quite simple.

On the real, let's chat some fashion. I haven't done a current shopping bag, clothing SALE/haul in a long while and I have been really trying to update my wardrobe, so I thought I would take you along the ride. I am LOVING the summer, casual, feminine dresses right now. L O V I N. They are easy, comfortable and most of the time, super affordable, if you shop right. Also, the polka dots are back and I'm very much into it. Look for dresses that are unique but versatile. Be BOLD THIS SPRING! Here we go: 

BEST of 2018, Summer Dresses: 

  • Polka Dots (Long dresses, short dresses, shorts/skirts) 
  • Wrap Dresses (SUPER flattering, come in long and short sleeve) 
  • Tank Top Throw Dresses (literally perfect anytime you need something to just toss on.) 
  • Florals are BACK (floral print, lady like, lets eat tea when we want beer, dresses) 
  • Sets! The two-piece sets are also a great find if your feeling like showing some tummy! 
  • The off the shoulder dress may seem to be "out" but I think the right color and style, is still totally freaking amazing. 

Here are my FAVORITES at the moment--The store is listed below:) 

Above: Forever 21 (Very affordable and currently some on sale! Look under spring dresses) These are all perfect for a cover up at the beach, a throw on farmers market dress or off to the Hamptons we go! I want the yellow wrap dress so bad, with adidas and a wide brim hat- YES

Above: ASOS [A little $$ than Forever 21, super on trend and trusted brand and quality!] They have a little more "out there" options, totally affordable and super unique. The red polka dot will be purchased very soon by yours truly. I also have seen quite a lot of green recently :) 

Above: Shein! As low as $10.00! Quality isn't amazing but you get what you pay for. SO many options. Great for a spring party that you may not want to buy something expensive for. I purchased the two set in the first picture, I will let you know how it fits! 

I go through phases with trends and places to shop and it totally depends on how much money I have in the bank and how lazy I am. Currently, I am on a BUDGET and am swamped with school and work so the online shopping route is whats up. Email me / DM Questions, I want to hear from you!!