Hello Babes! IT'S ALMOST SPRING BREAK, THANK THE LORD! I am in desperate need of a get-the-heck-away. Pronto. From the DESERT to the CITY we go

I am actually traveling a lot in the next couple weeks which got me thinking as to my TOP travel essentials. I think I flew alone for the first time when I was at the young age of 12 as an unaccompanied minor. Not sure what my mother was thinking there. I totally had to wear one of those bracelets that said UNACCOMPANIED MINOR and I ended up on that golf cart with the blaring horn for people to move politely out of the way, mortified I was I might add. 

Let's get something straight first. I am that traveler. I am there 2 hours early, stopping in the stores, peeing often, sitting in the closest seat to the gate as a possible.... probably the girl you hate, wondering why she is wearing sweatpants and knock off gucci loafers. I like to be early, prepared and fashionable --I can't help it. 

Better to PREPARE and PREVENT than to REPAIR and REPENT

What you need and what you need to get:


  • Vitamins, Medicine, Amino Acids and Probiotics: If you're wondering what the heck I just said, let me break this down for you. Before flying a couple days out, I will take a Zinc (in addition to the vitamins I already take daily) as well as multiple Emergen-C packs. Better to try and prepare and prevent than repair and repent, Ya Know? I will bring medicine on the flight with me just in case (like Advil, Tums and Mucinex). I also love to drink Kombucha before or after my flight (helps you not get constipated.) 
  • Bring Snacks :) DUH There is nothing worse than being in the airport, flight delayed and your absolutely STARVING. Avoid that. Bring loads of healthy snacks, maybe some chocolate if you're like me: RX Bars, Nuts, Banana, Gum, M&M's and Mints anything that your heart desires that isn't smelly or messy.  
  • Chargers...!! Thought this would be a given but the amount of times people ask to borrow my phone charger is enough to make me add a bullet point for this. Bring your own freaking charger. You will need it regardless so DON'T pack it in your checked luggage. 
  • EYE MASK or PILLOW: Depending on if I am traveling long/far, I will bring something for comfort. Unless I am in the middle seat, then your'e just screwed. 
  • Know your destination: I try and dress for where I am going, if that makes any sense. I currently live in Phoenix, as its 70 degrees here now, I am traveling to New York City where it will most likely be 20 degrees. I am not going to wear jean shorts and a tank top to the airport....not smart. 

Lastly, it may sound cheesy and you will probably not do it, but make a list. A list of things you need need, priority like medications and travel documents, chargers, wallet, etc.. Make a list of clothes/shoes/items you want to bring. and a list of other random items you need like your fuzzy blanket or must have water bottle; the extra crap some would say. 

Stay tuned my friends <3