Yup, it's coming and there is nothing we can do about it. Valentine's Day. Tomorrow. 

I haven't had any of these awful, horror Valentine's Day stories that make me hate this day. Actually, the complete opposite--- I have had some killer V-Day's in the past. My all time favorites would include but aren't limited too: freshman year, my first boyfriend ever Cotter, catered the entire menu of N-Counter (an amazing breakfast place here in Arizona) to my dorm room. I mean y'all, the entire menu. He told me it would make an amazing Instagram post---I mean COME ON, who doesn't want to wake up to french toast, yogurt, muffins and bacon. 2 years before that, Bex and I went to New York City and downed some pizza and booze, watched the new Fifty Shades and ran around China Town eating fortune cookies and orange chicken all night. #REALWINNER.

So, I don't despise the holiday. However, I'm taking a new approach this year.... focusing on MYSELF. Some self love, some self motivation and taking time to tell the ones in my life that I love them. If you have a significant other, if you don't, Valentines Day can still be a great freaking day. 

Buy yourself a face mask, go to the movies with your girlfriends, go eat pizza and booze with your crush, scrapbook, bake, read, watch Netflix all night, take a spin class... Do what YOU want, have a day, that you WANT. There is nothing better than a quality day with yourself and we are all probably in desperate need of some self love. I have talked on this blog before about how I hated being alone---well, not anymore. I try everyday to do things that challenge me, to do activities alone and learn to love to be with myself. There is not better day to take that time to do you. There are some important products you need for a bomb, A double S, Valentine's Day with yourself, your mom, your gal pal or your boo. Have a happy valentines day my friends <3