Shopping for booties might be one of my least favorite things to shop for. I can never decide on anything because I simply think there is a better deal out there somewhere else….which there probably is but like buy the boots Eliza…they’re $20.

BUTTTTT, I’ve turned a new leaf and found not only the greatest deals for boots out there right now but in my personal opinion, the cutest options & I’m sharing them all. You’re welcome. Every “pinterest worthy,” great winter outfits have something in common…..the shoes. Some of these are a little more $$$ then others but a lot of them are on serious sale right now. Sectioned it off by website…can you tell I’m into black? My go-to brand right now has been Miguided..they’re shoe section is freaking incredible. May not have groceries the month of November but I will for sure have black, cowgirl-beaded booties.

happy happy shopping Xx


The black bootie is a STAPLE. Last pair is a freaking steal. It’s your holiday party shoe ^^^