Hello Friends! & Happy Happy New YEAR! I hope this year for you has started off swimmingly. I am back at school in Arizona, back at work at Ali and Ariel and back in classes...we are in FULL GEAR for a BOMB 2018. 

I love leaving Charlotte and coming back to Arizona because it is like walking into a oven. It may only be 70 degrees here but it FOR SURE beats the 12 degree blizzard that it was in Charlotte. However, as we know it to be true in Arizona, the temperature is going to rise and rise and rise and soon enough we will be in full heat once again. 

I have started browsing the internet for my spring wardrobe, something that I do NOT want to spend a lot of money on. Realistically, I usually wear jean shorts and sneakers all summer long, but I do need some casual dresses, throw on tee shirts (my favorite) and sadly SWIMSUITS. :( 

This is my LEAST favorite thing to buy. With swimwear shopping online, I am PRAYING that there is going to be enough fabric to cover my butt so I can wear the swimsuit for family beach week. This is always always always an issue for me. I can NEVER find a cute and covering suit that is grandma approved at an affordable price. 

I have listed some below that I am currently looking at. I have NEVER ordered bathing suits from my go to store Shein, however, I am buying two and going to wing it and give them a shot (you can always return.)  Forever 21 (sometimes) has suits that will cover you but the chances are slim.... especially if you need family approved swimwear like myself. I have really had to get creative with the places I am looking at and will do a full review once they come in!  Happy Shopping! 

Photos of current obsessions. Really into the high waisted bottoms and the full, 70's vintage tops. Places to look: Shein, Forever 21, H&M (online), Target (online), ASOS (online), Revolve (online) and Old Navy. 

Scroll to the bottom for direct swimwear links! 




These 3 are from Shein (the holy grail) I have never ordered bathing suits from here so I am interested to see if they fit real humans or just are made to seem that way. They have a million different bathing suit options online. Just always be mindful of the sizing when using Shein! I will do a full review once they come in! <3 

These two are from Forever 21 and I love love love the style! These might end up working based on the fact that they are high-waisted in the butt, but not 100% sure. I always buy Forever swimwear online and just return in the store....there is nothing more I hate than trying on swimwear in the dressing room of Forever 21. Heck No. 

LOVE THESE! These three are from ASOS, and TOTALLY affordable. ASOS is amazing. They have some great prices and really trendy swimwear. If you know what your price range is, just move the price range down to exaclty what you are looking for!