You asked so I am going to tell! Statement, dainty and all things jewelry, what you need and where to get it. Right now, plain and simple! <3  (Scroll to the bottom to SHOP!) 

Side note: Why I am totally inspired to write this is because I recently just got my ears pierced again, YAY! Okay but for real,  so lame I have not had them pierced for 4 years, I let them all close up. I was over it, I felt left out that I couldn't wear all the statement earnings so here we are! For now, with the sterling silver earrings the size of a pea, like a 10 year old again. 

So we have the ears covered. At the moment, I am LOVING the little, dainty yet trendy gold necklaces; all the RAGE and so on trend. The layered look, with multiple chains and textures --yes yes yes. I always wear this little gold necklace my mom bought me for my 21st, that is PERFECT for styling (this was a gift, so %100 out of my normal price range). I can add a star choker and a long, gold chain to spice it up at night or keep it simple with one stone. 

If you don't know what I am talking about, come take a peep at my current mood boards :) 


#PinterestInspo Seriously Amazing.

Alright onto rings. Rings are tricky. I actually totally, 100% break the fashion rules daily because I wear gold necklaces and silver rings every single day. It's what I like, screw the rules. But finding the right "daily rings" can be tricky because you want something small, thin and easy to wear so that you never have to take it off. When shopping, look for super thin, dainty rings that you can LAYER! These are some ring looks that I am loving. 

SHOPPING TIP: These are NOT expensive. I got my sterling silver rings that I have been wearing since high school on Etsy and were beyond affordable! If you are purchasing silver, make sure it's sterling silver. If you are shopping at a place like Forever 21, YES they have amazing accessories, a tip is to paint the ring with clear top coat nail polish before wearing :) It will hopefully not turn your finger green. 

TOP PLACES TO GET JEWELRY: (on a budget.) 

  • Etsy! One of my favorite places to get jewelry! All types of Jewels
  • Forever 21 for Necklaces Only
  • Claires, I'm not going to lie, has some really simple gold and silver earnings. Don't be ashamed to shop in the store you shopped in 2009. It's fine, We're fine. 
  • Target No shame in Target Man! No Shame! They have some really simple jewels, necklaces and rings. Most of the time they are sterling silver. 



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