I hope you are all doing FABULOUS, killing 2018 and being a #BossBabe! I am really trying to kick it into high gear this year in every aspect: fitness, eating, mindset, vibes, fashion ALL OF IT. ALL THE GOOD STUFF. 

It is award season which is always a plus, to see the gowns & the couples. Yes Yes Yes. I am also reading an amazing book, The Year of YES by Shonda Rhimes. It is so good, I highly highly recommend. Just a little life update. :) 

On a different note, I am freaking struggling. This time of year in Arizona, is SUCH a struggle in the simple sense of what do I wear. Let me explain. This morning when I left for a meeting at 7:30 AM, it was 40 degrees outside. Now, at 3:00 PM, I am sitting in the sun in a tank top, tanning my face and doing in the world do you dress for this??? I am attempting to try some new styles, some new looks one could say.

These white booties are kind of amazing. (and cheap) I am lovin them. White booties can actually be worn with anything & everything. Jeans, dresses, shorts, skirts.... They are super easy to pair with and super freaking cute. Wild guess, these are from SHEIN! HA. (and the bag.) I bought them as a tester to see how their shoes fit and I am happy to report they are perfect. Already scuffed them at the bar, whoops. <3 




Bag &amp; Shoes: Shein  Jeans: H&amp;M&nbsp;  Bodysuit: Forever 21&nbsp;

Bag & Shoes: Shein

Jeans: H&M 

Bodysuit: Forever 21