It is time to get serious babes, valentines day is RIGHT around the corner, or for some of us, galentines day :) Or maybe is a sorority formal/crush, a new date or simply just a rocking party coming up in February...we are all trying to find our KILLER dress. The one that stands out in the crowd and keeps our bank account happy at the same time. 

There is something about the red, pink and cream dresses this time of year that always make me SO excited to shop. I have absolutely no need for red formal dress in my wardrobe, however, after browsing the web I have somehow convinced myself that I am in desperate need of one. (You quite possibly might find me in the Trader Joe's sporting the gown in converse.)  

Since these dresses are so, what should we call them, unnecessary for our daily life, I like to look for cheaper options (still great quality) and dresses that have the potential to be worn again. OUTFIT REPEATER I KNOW IM A BROKE CHICK. You want to pick a dress that you know can get double wear out of.

So, I have made a mini list of all my favorite stores so you can SHOP your HEART AWAY at all the mushy valentines day dresses <3 As my valentines day plans do consist of a Galentines Day Party with loads of booze and the Fifty Shades of Grey NEW MOVIE, I have listed some sweatshirts at the bottom as well that might be more fitting for you, take a peak. :) 

  • Revolve ( Choose, Red/Pink, and rice range (LOW) 
  • Asos ( Again, pick a color and put the price range below 100) 
  • Forever 21 (Click going out, and I LOVED the red and pink options) SUPER CHEAP 
  • Express (A little more expensive but VERSITILE! Can be worn to so many other events) 
  • Shein (duh) Just start looking under dresses, jumpsuits and two pieces. Love this site. Make sure you order in time! 
Revolve Favorites!&nbsp;

Revolve Favorites! 

Forever 21, Black and Cream options&nbsp;

Forever 21, Black and Cream options 

ASOS, LOVE these prices &lt;3&nbsp;

ASOS, LOVE these prices <3 

Revolve Sweatshirts, THE BEST! GALENTINES BABY!