One of my new years resolutions is to become more BALANCED and AWARE. To be PRESENT everyday.

It's so much harder than you might thank friends. Being aware of your surroundings, the people, the noises and being present wherever you are. We live these HECTIC, busy, noisy, non-stop lives that it becomes such a challenge to just step away for even an hour. 

Let's backtrack. I used to never do anything alone. Like NOTHING. I didn't want to go to the dentist alone until my mom made me senior year of high school. It's not that I was scared of being alone...I felt uncomfortable in my own skin to do tasks alone, to sit alone, to be ALONE. I wanted and felt like I always needed to have someone to talk to. When I moved across the country for college, to a state I had never been to and knew 1 person out of 90,000, I had to learn to LOVE to be alone. To love myself enough that being alone was a time that I craved and needed every-single-day. Going away for college, moving to a state I had never been to was one of the greatest life experiences that I could ever ask for. You have to just, figure it out, because it's you and only you.

When we become aware and present, we realize that it is okay to disconnect... to turn your phone OFF and the slow the hell down. Being a 21 year old college student, this is not the easiest task on the to-do list for the world seems to revolve around our little black smartphones. Every morning, I have been taking time to wake up, journal, breathe and not open instagram or messages right away. To create a daily to-do list and goals... to wake up and just breathe and to start the day with intentions and motivation. 

I'm actually becoming my own hype man every morning:) 

This Week: Ask questions, Meet New People, Slow DOWN, read a book, listen to a podcast, go on a walk. Silence isn't a bad thing. Embrace the awkwardness of sitting in your room alone with a diffuser and a murder podcast on.

I dare you !! 



|| Something that I have started, a mini project for myself you could say, is I am FINALLY creating photo albums! One of my favorite favorite favorite things to do when I am home is go though my mom's old photo albums from to 80's/90's. She has photos from EVERYTHING. Black and white,  colored, with friends, in college, on her wedding day, all of it. I have all of these photos on my i-phone but never get them printed and have no means or storing them... Until Now! Let the project begin! <3 

postcards from the past&nbsp;

postcards from the past