I am writing this blog post sitting in the San Fran airport in a very crowded and loud terminal waiting for my 11:50 PM flight to board. Hello 2018! The screaming baby seems absolutely thrilled about the New Year. 

On a lighter note, I am BEYOND excited for 2018. I am not a big New Years Gal but for some reason, this upcoming year is bringing good vibes my way. It has been exactly ONE year since I started this blog which is crazy. I started writing just for fun last year covering trips and travels, relationships, late night thoughts, coffee dates, outfits etc.. and it has turned into SO much more than that. One year down, many more to go! 

2017 was as I like to call it, a Poop Splash. 

There are no other words and simply no better metaphor. The Poop Splash. It had its highs and it had some bad lows. However, even though these "lows" are so much easier to focus on, so much easier to spend our time and energy obsessing over, I am taking them as part of a learning process as I move into the New Year. I learned more about myself this past year than I could ever imagine. I look back at the resolutions that I made for 2017 and think of how far I have come since than; so many experiences (bad and good,) so many adventures, interesting people and friendships/relationships in my life. 

What I have to remind myself and honestly have such a hard time processing about "New Years" is that just because in a few hours it is 2018, a NEW YEAR, the lows don't go away. The problems and obstacles don't disappear with a New Years Kiss or in my case, a strangers high five on the plane. Life's still going to keep on moving. SO, I have to hold the reins and keep trekking forward. With a positive attitude and a positive mindset. Time to let go of the bad....Goodbye, the poop splash. 

I hope this next years brings you happiness, adventure and whole lot of LOVE and LAUGHTER. I hope you become your best YOU yet. That is my resolution. To best the absolute best version of myself. Through thick and thin. To find the good in everything, everyone and to love deep and often. 

Happy Happy New Year Friends! To Another Year of Blogging and GOODBYE to the Poop Splash!