I've never been a huge hat girl. I always wanted to be that confident chick who can walk into the grocery store in a beret or some equivalent & be totally chill about it. However, I'm 100% not. 

Recently, (thanks to paris fashion week) I have been totally inspired to try the hat trend again after seeing it non-stop on my Insta feed. I started with the Lizzie McGuire hat---90's kids, you know what scene this hat is in during the movie. I wanted just a basic black hat from Forever 21-- this one was only $14.00. It's surprisingly SUPER comfortable and can cover your unwashed, last nights, greasy, hot mess of a number hair.  

For fall, this hat trend is must try. If you can't muster the courage to take a stroll in Trader Joe's in it, I 100% agree, at least go to brunch with friends. 

I put three of my fav insta hat trends below--- if you need some visual inspo!! <3  

Talk Soon! 



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INSTA INSPO: allaboutelisa & alyssalynch Follow them for some SERIOUS fashion inspo! 


INSTA: jourdansloane&nbsp;

INSTA: jourdansloane