Winter is the best for fashion; there is nothing better than a fur, boots and some skinnies. Living in Arizona, I really have to get creative with outfits that are "wintery" yet not suffocating since it's not terribly cold. However, I have fallen in love with so many of the shoes that are out there right now and might need to plan an up north vacation just to have a place to wear them. 

BOOTIES: I have never been a huge fan of the low bootie look, I always wanted to love it but I never was able to get into it. BUT I found some online that I have been having major heart eyes for. Low booties are perfect to wear with jeans, skirts & you can even get away with jean shorts/shorts, booties and a turtleneck or sweater for September-October<3


These are two completely different styles and vibes, but are both versatile and ADORABLE. If you are looking for a more day-to-day shoe that you can wear often, look for blacks that also have a thick sole....(cough cough COMFORTABLE!

SNEAKERS: We all know that these are my real obsession. My sneaker collection recently has expanded greatly (no thanks to Target who up-ed their sneaker game.) These are no doubt my favorite shoes to wear in the winter because  A. They are SO comfortable B. They are warm C. They can literally be worn with ANY outfit (SIDE NOTE: Invest in cute sneakers if you don't have any, pronto.)


These are three that are currently in my shopping bag and I am completely obsessed. TIP: The middle pair is on sale for $11.00 right now:) 


I rarely go many place where I need to be wearing heels but as the holidays are (SLOWLY) approaching, I usually like to have a couple pairs I can wear with church dresses, family dinners & holiday functions. I have gotten rid of every single cheap, falling apart pair of heels I own, so I have been really trying to revamp the heels department of my wardrobe. Some are more of a basic heel that is always good to have for church, work parties etc.. with others as the statement piece of the outfit. A combo makes up the perfect closet of stilettos.   


These mules with a slight heel are also a fall obsession at the moment---perfect for work/class/meetings in the fall. 


Stores to look at: Shein, Target, Forever 21, Lulu's