Hey Friends! This is a random post about what's been on my mind, (let's see where this goes, hear me out.) There are TERRIBLE things happening in the world right now, absolutely terrible. It is so hard to comprehend and attempt to understand when you aren't from there & when it isn't impacting you directly. 

There has been hurricane after hurricane and wild fires taking lives, all happening in a matter of WEEKS. Personally, natural disasters scare the living hell out of me; you can't control them, you can't tame them and you can't necessarily "predict" them and their damage. 

DONATE DONATE DONATE. This is the time to set aside the three Starbucks coffees a week, the drunk Taco Bell and the Lulu leggings that cost a kidney to purchase and help where you can. Most grocery stores have started the option to donate $1, $5, and $10 when you checkout. That $1.00, WILL HELP. I encourage you to help where you can, pray often and stay positive. 
In a world full of so so much negativity right now, we need some happy freaking souls. 

Ways you can help! Here are some links to EASY ways that you can donate!! <3