In my mind, it is absolutely ridiculous that I am even writing this post about fall. However, the shopping process has begun and surprisingly, I have amped my fall wardrobe already without breaking the bank. Some of the fashion trends for this fall are completely not my vibe at all, however, creating your own spin off of the concept or styling it in your own unique way, means you can incorporate many different trends with your personal flare and sass. I have broken this down into the top fall fashion trends from the runaway----(The trends you might say.."how am I even supposed to wear that!")

Let me set this straight that some of the pictures below are from Revolve and are TOTALLY not in my budget (I Wish.) However, once you know the style and color, you can easily find these items at somewhere like Forever 21, Zara or my fav Target:)

1. POWER COLOR: RED- Red, Red, Red--this is the color for the fall. Statement dresses in a bold red, or a red bomber jacket--major heart eyes! 

2. Pantsuits/ Leisure Suits: This is a cry from Elle Woods herself as the leisure suit is yet again, another trend for the fall--( Elle: I don’t think I’ve been this excited since Gucci became a publicly-traded company) Say goodbye to the body-con dress and hello to comfort wear for your Saturday Cocktail Party!  Side note: This is a Kardashian STAPLE!!

Last but NOT least: 3. Victorian Collar: As this one may be a little trickier to find items that fit you right and are comfortable, the style itself is ADORABLE. For this, I have copied my favorites (and affordable) items from Shein to give you a wide range of styles, colors and pattern options while still on trend! <3 

(To me, these are statement shirts, so a pair of skinny jeans and some heels/boots and an chic jacket will complete the outfit!) 

HAPPY SHOPPING! Remember to find the inspo and shop the sale: Try stores like Zara, TopShop, Forever 21, H&M, Tobi, Lulu's, Misguided and Mango! <3