I'm having some major feels regarding this blue and white top. When I saw it hanging up, I totally thought I would look ten times my size (with the puffy sleeve) and a tad big (with the big/open bottom half.) However, when paired with the right bottoms, it is totally doable. Attempting to step out of my fashion comfort zone recently---hence the shades. 

Summer, especially in Arizona, can be difficult to shop and dress for because you're living in an oven. However, there are simple, lightweight staples out there that you should have in your wardrobe! The Key? Spend money on basics. Spend some money on a black tank top, two for that matter and any color, a comfortable pair of jean shorts, some fashion forward sneakers (white are my favorite) and some simple yet still trendy accessories! By mixing and matches accessories with basics you can take 5-8 items and make multiple outfits out of it and the best part is, no one would even know :-) 

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