The fact that summer is slowly coming to an end makes me BEYOND depressed. Where the heck did the time go??? We wait and wait and count down the days till summer arrives and when it does, we don't even notice that the time is flying by:( With two-ish more weeks left to go, I have a new mantra----bring back the #YOLO! kidding.......slightly. 

I have been on this kick: Let's see every movie that is out. (This one can get pricey but now I'm totally committed to the game, sorry Cot) Let's go on a walk at sunset and go eat breakfast from a new local diner. Let's get done all the little things that I continually keep putting off and just get them completed for good. Finishing the summer out on a high note & enjoying EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. Cot and I have started using Headspace, the meditation app, to really bring down the constant go-go-go mindset. The minute I turn the app on and sit on my floor, hands crossed, eyes closed.. (okay, jk realistically laying on my back sprawled out, eyes wide open because I feel totally foolish) I begin to appreciate and be grateful; to enjoy every minute and really calm my freaking self down. Working on not getting so boggled up in all the little things and just celebrate life & love the confusion. Life is PEACHY! Life is GOOD! I am wishing you a productive and meaningful week! Talk Soon!! 



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