Hello Hello<3 Happy (ALMOST) WEEKEND---YAY!! I am sadly back from the beach and struggling to get back into the swing of work. Not to mention, the moment I returned home from vacation, my air conditioning unit broke in my car (cue the tears & cue the sweat) so I have been on a hunt all week to get that sucker fixed ASAP.  At the beginning of summer, I made a list of all my "summer goals," you know those things you want to accomplish & as summer is coming to end, I decided to start them all now :) #SOSMART. So, I have started cleaning out my closet. I have items in my closet from NO lie the seventh grade and as my 21st birthday is approaching, I think those items need to go and I need to begin slowly replacing pieces here and there.

Here is what's in my current shopping bag! I have never been a huge stripes gal but for some reason, I love these dresses/shirts. A lot of these items are also on sale, (under twenty bucks) HEART EYES <3 Enjoy! 



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