I absolutely love this dress. Other than the fact that it was totally affordable and the cutest style ever, I never would have found it if I didn't get out of my own head. I sometimes hate shopping in department stores because once I try on something, most of the time in multiple sizes, & they don't fit AT ALL, I instantly become discouraged and insecure. It's ridiculous I know, but I am totally not the only person who feels that way! However, as I was shopping through Target, I stumbled upon this freaking #steal before realizing that it was in the plus size section. My initial thought was, Oh this probably wont fit...this might not be the right section-totally trying to boost my self esteem. But I decided to try it on anyway and just see what it looks like...


TLDR: (too long didn't read)--SIZE DOESNT MATTER. The size on the clothes might be a great guide but find things that make you feel good. Let go of the size on the label and you will have a whole new wardrobe! It's all about how you FEEL in the dress, the shirt, the pants... not what the number says on the little black tag that no one will even see <3 



Dress: Plus Size Section @ Target&nbsp;  Shoes: Too old I have no idea where I got them ;)  Necklace: Forever 21

Dress: Plus Size Section @ Target 

Shoes: Too old I have no idea where I got them ;)

Necklace: Forever 21