One of my favorite parts about the warmer months is that I feel like my closet multiplies. Yes, multiples---- hear me out. You can wear everything in your wardrobe (minus the winter coats, hats etc..) You can wear your jeans, you can wear long sleeve shirts and even booties. It’s all about how you wear them. If you put a cute graphic tee shirt, with your favorite denim shorts, you can wear your black booties to tie it all together. You get the point. If you’re stuck in a pit of where to shop and what staples you need, I have listed my FAVORITES below, from all price ranges (always looking for a bargain though, #broke) and what to look for. These easy options double for so many types of outfits and can be worn OVER&OVER! What to look for:

1.     EASY to wear sandals. Nothing that takes more time to put on than the time you spend in them. Easy to wear to the pool, beach, brunch etc…(forever21 has awesome shoes) 

2.    Neutral dresses. With this, you can pair a jean jacket, a statement necklace, belt it - the list goes on and on!

3.     (Baggy) Denim Jean shorts. I personally like my jean shorts super baggy and big/holes. Not just because I find it super unflattering on my legs to be suffocated by some fabric. When they are baggy, it is easy to tuck a shirt in, wear body suits underneath and they look more flattering with heels/booties.  

4.     A BIKINI (DUH) This is a given. Find a suit for your body, one that you feel COMFORTABLE in and CONFIDENT. That is the most important part of a swimsuit. You don’t want to be pulling and tugging at a suit the whole day because it was "trendy."

5.     Romper/Jumpsuit. This is a must!  You can dress it up or dress it down.                                            Dinner Date- check. Pool Cover Up- check.

Stores:  Like I said before, I am #OnALivingSpree, not a shopping spree. I bargain shop like it's my job. Marshalls, Last Chance, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy, TARGET, YES YES YES. However, when I am looking for a nice outfit or item that can last me a few years, these are just some of places I look! 

1.     Revolve ($$$) Can be pricy but I mean, it’s revolve. Shop the sale. Find items and styles you like and try searching for a similar look somewhere else. 

2.     ASOS: I put the "price bar" down to between $10-$50 on ASOS. They have cheaper options, sometimes they get lost amongst the others (I have gotten the cutest bathing suits from here!) They also have adorable swimsuits cover ups that can double as a spring throw-on dress -mixed in the bathing suit section.  

3.     Lulus: Super trendy graphic tee shirts, rompers, “go to’s”- the sale section is TOTALLY affordable

4.     (THE HOLY GRAIL) Forever 21 Online. I always seem to find more online than I do in the store. Set aside about an hour and half and you can probably get through the first 10 pages of just shirts. Kidding....Forever 21 NEVER lets me down. Some people get super overwhelmed going into the store- just order online! Buy a bunch of sizes, try them on in the comfort of your own home and return what you don’t want back to the store!

These are just a few of my shopping tips and tricks. I always start with the sale section on any website before going into regular priced items--- #BargainBabyBargain :)