Have you ever come across a picture of yourself on social media or a friend's phone and thought to yourself, "Do I really look like that?" Then almost immediately after letting the negative, running dialogue take over? We are always looking for someone to negate those thoughts by saying, "Oh your'e not fat" or "Oh you can't even see those stretch marks what are talking about." We seek this validation, and it's okay because were girls living in a world full of false advertising and photoshop, and the truth and others opinions helps us stay sane. But before others opinions, before this validation we so desperately need, we need self love. We need to love ourselves, our bodies, our flaws and the minuscule imperfections that drive us freaking nuts.

 I challenge you this week, to love it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Because sometimes we need a little reminder to take care of ourselves & to love love love every nook and cranny. Happy Monday <3



Pictures: Pintrest&nbsp;

Pictures: Pintrest