The holidays can be stressful, we all know that. I never know what to get people in my family, some more than others (cough cough) but I always end up getting stuck going to World Market or Marshalls and attempting to throw together something in a cute basket and hoping for the best. However, as I have turned 21 and claim that I am an active, positive member of society, I think I'm going to step up my holiday gifts (all still in my slim college budget.) So let's get started shall we? 


This is my FAVORITE to shop for. I love shopping for my sisters & friends because it's literally like shopping for myself minus the joy of getting the actual gift. I have a list of my favorite AFFORDABLE AND CHEAP gifts that I am looking forward to purchasing. Yes, cheap. I am all about gifts on a budget because my life is on a budget. I will most likely purchase some of these items for myself and wrap them from Santa or one of my family members dogs. 


1.  SEPHORA (All gifts are under $10.00) 


Three of my favorites at Sephora ALL under $10.00--literally so cheap. You can make a cute as can be beauty basket with essentials for such a low cost. I would recommend looking online in the $10.00 section at Sephora for some INSPO before going into the store. 

2. SHEIN (My new favorite) 


Bags are a great for your trendy, boss babe and fashionable friend or sister. You don't need their size, color or ANYTHING. These are all SUPER cheap as well, just make sure your order in advance. 


Target has a great gift section. I freaking love this store. You can find so many gifts for WHOEVER at the holy land of Target. Here are some of my favorites: 

MUGS MUGS MUGS! $4.00 MUGS TO BE EXACT. Such a fun gift. Throw some cute tinsel and maybe add a little something extra and BAM you're done.  Also who doesn't want a candle? I have never met a soul who is disappointed with a candle. Ever. 

Shopping Tip: Look for the deals that are going on right now. For example, Bath and Body Works has an amazing deal happening now so you could easily make a cute bin of all things scrubs, lotion and candles (heaven am I right?) I am all about the practical for the things that you know YOU would use and if your friends are like you, they will be delighted. 

Wrapping Gifts: Everyone of my friends under the sun turned 21 this year. As this was beyond exciting, the gifts and gift wrapping really added up. I found some very affordable rose gold, wire baskets at World Market, grabbed some gold tinsel from Michaels and threw some star confetti on top. Every gift was a hit. Buy in bulk (use coupons!) and you can easily not spend a fortune on wrapping. 

Happy Shopping Loves!