I love jean ANYTHING. Jean jackets, pants, coats, belts, tops, bottoms.... absolutely anything. Jean on jean, jean by itself, and sometimes a pop of jean amongst a colorful, textured outfit. However, as I have expressed before on this blog, I HATE wearing jeans that don't fit perfectly. All through high school I would REFUSE to wear jeans. I never found the right style, the right fit and the right size. As I came to college and realized that leggings, are indeed, not pants, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and go the store and try on jeans...(every girls worst nightmare.)  Scroll to the bottom for some of my FAVORITE jeans! 

No one likes buying jeans. On top of that, NO ONE likes trying on jeans. I mean come are asking me to stand in an AWFULY lit, small box, with a full length mirror, bare butt naked and squeeze, squat and shimmy my way into some jeans. No. Thank. You. 

I simply have my own approach. I went to H&M (I believe that they actually have GREAT jeans) and I purchased many sizes and many styles of jeans and brought them ALL home. Yes, it was a dent in the debit card for a brief moment but just remember, you will return. Once I got home, I tried on at least 6 pairs with my OWN tops in my OWN mirror. I went for a fancy look, casual with a graphic tee tucked in and even bodysuits to see how they would fit in the booty. This easily showed me what jeans I was actually going to wear and which ones would never work in my wardrobe. Being able to visual the outfits you would wear with the style of jean can help determine if they are worth buying or not! 

Try this trick! You don't have to purchase in the store right then and there! Think about it, take them home and try them on with your actual clothes and see what would work. 

jean 2.jpg

Speaking of denim...I got these KILLER jeans from H&M the other day. They only had one size and the size was REALLY large but I figured what the heck and tried them on anyway and BAM! They are my new favorites. I am loving the baggy look right now, I think the skinny, butt tight jeans are sort of going out of style.  PS: (Size doesn't matter, its how they look and how they make you feel-thats what you should go by!) 

Linked some of my favorite jeans below! Scroll to the bottom! <3


jean 1.jpg

My new daily jeans! If you are looking for a great pair of jeans, H&M has a variety of sizes and styles and I personally think that the quality is amazing as well. Other stores I shop at: Forever 21 (I have to really size up,) Old Navy, Gap and sometimes Nordstrom Rack. Denim will NEVER go out of style, might as well stock up while you can:) 

Happy Holidays Everyone! Talk Soon!! 






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