hello hello hello! 

There are only a few hours left in the weekend before we wake up to another Monday morning...Yay! Totally random thought, I saw Bad Moms Take back Christmas this weekend, and it was absolutely HILARIOUS I highly recommend. (you might need 2 glasses of wine first)

ON the real though..... 

YALL! I am OBSESSING over this skort. Like Obsessing. It is obviously from Forever 21, no question there, and it is so freaking comfortable- it's VELVET. It is perfect to be dressed up or dressed down, date night or girls weekend. I was a little worried about the color at first but then decided why the heck not, let's give it a whirl. AND just like that, TA DA! 


We are READY.....ha

We are READY.....ha

Again, FOREVER 21 has everything under the sun. If you get overwhelmed going into the store or claim you cant find anything, which I don't understand how that is possible, Order Online! Order multiple sizes and just try it in the comfort of your home! This skort was UNDER $20. Yes. That is Correct. 

More posts to come this week....about to get REAL personal. 

Stay Tuned:) 



Skort and Shoes: Forever 21, Black Silk Top: Urban