BABES! HAPPY SUNDAY! // and Halloween Weekend!

I hope your weekend has been filled with candy, boo's ;) and costumes galore. I am not much of a Halloween girl but stay tuned for my costume debut on Tuesday night, it shall be very interesting. I would be lying to you if I said it's sweater weather in Arizona right now....because it is totally not. However, I love pretending that it is. 

This sweater is by far one of my favorite STEALS of the year. YES, you guessed it right already, it's Forever 21 and was as cheap as can be. I have had it since January and it has no tears, rips or pulls either...

These kind of sweaters are perfect to just throw on with jeans and sneakers and run out the door... especially plain colors and no pattern. That way if you do want to dress it up, you can wear fun pants, a colored skirt or even statement heels and not have to worry about clashing. It may seem like a pain to buy clothes as simple as a sweater but you will be thankful you have it when you're trying to run and get a coffee one freezing cold morning and want to just throw on something easy. TRUST ME---You will wear it more than you think you will:) 

Hat, Glasses, and Sweater: Forever 21 || Jeans: H&M || Shoes: Converse

Talk Soon<3



(If you want direct links to sweaters I would reccomend for cheap, EMAIL ME:)