If you weren't already aware of my obsession with Forever 21, this post will demonstrate that for you. I went on a menswear hunt at Forever the other weekend and found the most amazing, cute yet comfortable clothes. There is NOTHING better than a comfortable sweatshirt, baggy sweatpants and a men's hat in the winter, am I right? However, sometimes we struggle to find the mix between looking cute and trendy versus--rolled out of bed, might be my mom's sweatpants from the 80's, yes that is a taco bell stain. Well, the Forever Gods are amongst us today because their sweatshirt game is actually on point right now. 

I have screenshotted some of my favoritesss that are currently on their website that are cheap and affordable. They might not look like the cutest things you have ever seen, but buy some and try them on with skinny jeans, sweatpants, etc..  (The one that I have on is also from Forever, Size Large--- extra baggy:) go to --right now





I would start simple! Like these four options. The whites go with EVERYTHING and the other two are perfect for fall. (Plus they are super cheap!)